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Convoy of Hope invites you to travel and experience how your partnership helps us meet the needs of people around the world. From women’s empowerment programs to sustainable agricultural initiatives, a Hope Experience trip will show you how Convoy of Hope goes beyond a meal to transform lives and moves people from dependency to self-sufficiency. You will also network with other like-minded leaders and learn how your influence and generosity can help impoverished families around the world.

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September 5-8, 2023
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We invite you to join Convoy of Hope on this unique experience designed to share how our Children’s Feeding, Women’s Empowerment, and Agricultural initiatives are producing transformational change all across Nicaragua.

Answers to Common Questions

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No, we will have a Convoy of Hope team member meet you at a hub airport before departing for your international flight. You may be flying alone from your local airport to our hub airport, where we will sync up the team.

All flights will be booked through our in-house travel manager. This is a requirement because it’s important to have access to everyone’s flight information so we can send assistance should any issues arise while traveling. We will happily use your frequent flyer numbers, points, and preferred airlines whenever possible.

You will have seat assignments with your traveling companions. If your team ends up sitting in different areas of the plane, we always request either aisle or window seats on your behalf. All seats are in coach. If you’d like an upgrade to business or first class, we’re happy to make those reservations, but the additional cost would be at your own expense. Please check your e-ticket for your seat assignment. You are welcome to contact the carrier directly if you’d like to change your seat. If you’d like, you may also want to contact the carrier to confirm that your frequent flyer number is in their system and make a special meal request.

No, the insurance form that you will complete and return to our office provides emergency coverage, i.e., medical care and evacuation insurance. The cost of this insurance is included in the cost of your trip. We suggest that you keep our office and on-site personnel informed of any special medical conditions that occur prior to and during our trip.

Here is a list of visa requirements for each destination:
  • El Salvador – Upon arrival, you may be required to pay for a tourist card of approximately $10-$20.
  • Guatemala – No visa is required
  • Haiti – Upon arrival, you may be required to pay for a tourist card of approximately $10-$20.
  • Honduras – No visa is required.
  • Nicaragua – Upon arrival, you may be required to pay for a tourist card of approximately $10-$20.
  • Philippines – No visa is required.
  • Tanzania – A visa is required. You will need to have $100 in cash to cover the cost of the visa.

As a general rule, visitors are asked not to bring noncash donations with them on any Convoy of Hope trip. Our goal is to empower local leaders, including teachers and school administrators. Having visiting groups pass out items to the children can undermine those efforts. Specific school and community needs can fluctuate, so by the time particular items are collected and brought in country, they may no longer be needed at the location(s) visited by you or your team. Convoy of Hope works diligently to ensure excellence in all program operations. Our team carefully regulates the shipment of all food and equipment sent to schools and orphanages and monitors the quality and use of these products for the safety of those enrolled.

Yes. You can bring a camera and will have many opportunities to take photos.

However, please remember that we will be receiving direction from our in-country staff regarding times and locations that will be most appropriate for picture taking. We ask participants to be sensitive and respectful of the dignity and culture of those we are visiting.

Please make an appointment with your doctor or local travel clinic to discuss the recommendations and requirements set by the Center for Disease Control.

Please review the packing list provided in the trip guide.

Please check with your originating airport for recommendations. Generally, arriving two hours before a flight is appropriate.

Please provide the gate agent with your itinerary at check-in and inquire.
  • Outbound – Generally, your bags are checked all the way through to your final destination.
  • Inbound – You will need to claim your luggage at your first arrival back to the US and go through Customs before checking bags again for any remaining flights to your final destination.

Since you will have one carry-on bag and will follow all of the guidelines set by the airline that we have given to you, security will be a breeze.

  • Slip off your shoes and put them into a tray that will be provided.
  • All of your liquid and gels should be in 3-ounce containers or less and sealed in one clear zip-close bag.
  • If you carry a computer, remove it and place it in its own tray.
  • Remove all metal and items from your pockets and place them in a tray.
  • Cameras and film can be sent through the X-ray machine without a problem.
  • Have your photo ID and boarding pass out to show to the agent. Then put it right back so you don’t misplace it.

You will go through Customs upon arrival at the international destination. You will be with the group and your group leader will direct you.

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