The Philippines: February 15-21, 2021

Trip Dates

Feb 15-21, 2021 w/ Optional Excursion Feb 20-23

Team Size

Maximum of 12 people

Trip Cost

$2,200/person + airfare

We invite you to join Convoy of Hope on this unique experience designed to share how our Women’s Empowerment and Children’s Feeding programs are producing transformational change all across the Philippines.

About This Trip

Convoy of Hope began operating in the Philippines in 2003 based on strong partnerships that existed on the ground and our numerous responses to disasters in the region. More than 16,000 children are enrolled in our Children’s Feeding Initiative. In total, 4,380,480 meals were distributed in 2018.

In 2014, Convoy of Hope piloted the Micro+ program, with the objective of helping households improve their food security and nutritional practices. The pilot was started with 10 participants and focused on on women living in Lucena City. The businesses women selected included small retail shops, food production, food sales, fishing boat rental, animal husbandry, and meat and vegetable wholesale/retail.

We look forward to introducing you to our in-country partners and the women, children and families we are helping in the Philippines. It will be a journey you’ll never forget.

What’s Included?

  • Food
  • Accommodations
  • Clean water
  • In-country transportation
  • Insurance (medical insurance that covers issues which may occur on the trip, including medical evacuations)
  • Opportunities to connect with cultural and local points of interest
  • A Convoy of Hope staff member
  • Interpreter(s)
  • In-house travel agent
  • Administrative assistance from our office
  • Airfare is NOT included in the price. Round-trip airfare to Manila must be booked through Convoy of Hope.
  • There is an additional $600 fee for a single room. All accommodations are based on double occupancy.

Optional Add-On Excursion: +$1,400/person

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Enjoy Leisure Time in Boracay – Feb 20-23

Includes round trip flights, transfers, room (double occupancy), breakfasts and one dinner.

You will have traveled all this way… half-way around the world! Why not take some time to decompress before the long journey home. The luscious tropical paradise of the 5-Star Shangri-la Boracay will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on all that you have experienced, while relaxing on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Trip Itinerary

Date Activity
Monday, 2/15 Depart from US to Manila, Philippines
Tuesday, 2/16 Team arrives in Manila, Philippines. Overnight at Marriott Luxury Hotel
Wednesday, 2/17 Team rests – 13 hr time difference. Overnight at Marriott Luxury Hotel
Thursday, 2/18 Fly to Coron, Site Visit 1
Friday, 2/19 Program Site Visit 2
Saturday 2/20 Program Site Visit 3; Boracay Excursion Team leave late afternoon
Sunday, 2/21 Coron Cultural Visit in Morning (Kayangan Lake and snorkeling); Fly to Manila late afternoon; Debrief at dinner; Excursion Team Day 1
Monday, 2/22 Fly to USA; Boracay Excursion Day 2
Tuesday, 2/23 Boracay Excursion Day 3; Fly to US

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