Nicaragua: May 11-14, 2021

Trip Dates

May 11-14, 2021

Team Size

Maximum of 12

Trip Cost

$900/person + airfare

We invite you to join Convoy of Hope on this unique experience designed to share how our Children’s Feeding, Women’s Empowerment and Agriculture programs are producing transformational change all across Nicaragua.

About This Trip

This Hope Experience will provide you with a representation of Convoy of Hope’s global agricultural engagements from a Nicaraguan perspective, which includes agriculture in the schools, agriculture integrated in Women’s Empowerment projects, and cash crop specific endeavors like limes and dragon fruit.  As you see our different initiatives and how they integrate into an overall sustainability plan, Convoy of Hope wants to engage YOU and YOUR experience to be able to help with our projects.

During the trip, we’ll bring together the Nicaraguan Government Agriculture Extension Agency, Convoy of Hope agricultural staff and our Hope Experience participants to facilitate an agricultural think tank aimed at expanding the global community of Nicaragua.

We look forward to showing you the work Convoy of Hope has been able to accomplish in the beautiful country of Nicaragua!

What’s Included?

  • Food
  • Accommodations
  • Clean water
  • In-country transportation
  • Insurance (medical insurance that covers issues which may occur on the trip, including medical evacuations)
  • Opportunities to connect with cultural and local points of interest
  • A Convoy of Hope staff member
  • Interpreter(s)
  • In-house travel agent
  • Administrative assistance from our office
  • Airfare is NOT included in the price. Round-trip airfare to Managua must be booked through Convoy of Hope.
  • There is an additional $300 fee for a single room. All accommodations are based on double occupancy.

Trip Itinerary

Date Event
Tuesday, May 11

Arrive in country and check in to Hotel Crowne Plaza Managua.

Wednesday, May 12 Visit Convoy of Hope warehouse, Children’s Feeding Initiative, and Women’s Empowerment Program.
Thursday, May 13

Agriculture site visits, dragon fruit project and visitation to school gardens.

Friday, May 14

Interactive idea sharing with Agriculture extension & government. Enjoy a cultural experience.

Saturday, May 15 Depart for US.

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