Honduras: August 17-20, 2021

Trip Dates

August 17-20, 2021

Team Size

Up to 12 people

Trip Cost

$900/person + airfare

We invite you to join Convoy of Hope on this unique experience designed to share how our Children’s Feeding programs, Women’s Empowerment and Agricultural Initiatives are producing transformational change all across Honduras.

About This Trip

Journey with us to Honduras where Convoy of Hope is feeding more than 11,000 children per day at different feeding locations. Through this program we are also able to train people in proper hygiene and techniques for the use of potable water.

On this trip, you will visit our feeding locations as well as have the opportunity to see our Agricultural Initiatives in action, where we are planting gardens in schools and training children in entrepreneurship programs. In 2017, we trained over 500 individuals in Agricultural practices.

You will also meet women enrolled in our Women’s Empowerment Initiative which assists impoverished women and single mothers by providing vocational training, business training and start-up capital so they can start their own businesses. In 2017, we revamped our Women’s Empowerment program by starting one Micro+ group, one Mother’s Club, and three Empowered Girls projects.

We look forward to introducing you to our in-country partners and the women, children and families we are helping in Honduras!

What’s Included?

    • Food
    • Accommodations (based on double occupancy)
    • Clean water
    • In-country transportation
    • Insurance (medical insurance that covers issues which may occur on the trip, including medical evacuations)
    • Opportunities to connect with cultural and local points of interest
    • A Convoy of Hope staff member
    • Interpreter(s)
    • In-house travel agent
    • Administrative assistance from our office
  • Airfare is NOT included in the price. Round-trip airfare to Honduras must be booked through Convoy of Hope.
  • There is an additional $300 fee for a single room. All accomodations are based on double occupancy.

Trip Itinerary

Date Activity
Tuesday, 8/17 Team Departs U.S. and arrives in Honduras
Wednesday, 8/18 Site Visit Day 1
Thursday, 8/19 Site Visit Day 2
Friday, 8/20 Cultural Experience, Depart to US

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